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PMP Client1

Wonder PDF Embed Magic Hills
Wonder Video Embed Magic Hills

PDFjs Viewer – Embed PDFs | Ben Lawson

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Advanced Forms
ACF On The Go X
Admin Menu Editor X
Advanced Access Manager X

Advanced Custom Fields
Advanced Custom Fields PRO X20211206 Deactivated. IOR 49/y
Advanced Custom Fields: Audio Video Player X
Advanced Custom Fields: Extended X
Advanced iFrame custom folder X
Advanced Forms X20211206 Deactivated. Needs ACFPro

Advanced iFrame Pro
All-in-One WP Migration X

BasePress X
Beaver Builder Plugin
Beaver Themer
Broadcast X
Content Cards X
Content Control X
Customizer Export/Import
Disable Blogging X
Disable User Gravatar Disable User Gravatar
Display Posts X
Download Manager X
Enable Media Replace X
FileBird Lite
Filester – File Manager Pro X
Float Menu Lite X
FooGallery X
Force Login X
Force Regenerate Thumbnails ?
Formidable Forms ?
Freemius Fixer ??
Front End PM ??
Frontier Post ??
Genesis Widget Column Classes X
Google Doc Embedder X
Head, Footer and Post Injections
Health Check & Troubleshooting
HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat ??
iframe ??
Import and export users and customers
Insert PHP Code Snippet X ??
JSON Content Importer X
Knowledge Base for Documents and FAQs X
Layout Grid (Automattic) X
Lightweight Grid Columns
Mailchimp for WooCommerce X
MainWP Dashboard X
MetaSlider X
Nicepage X
Ocean Extra X
Ocean Stick Anything X
Page Optimize X
Pager Widget X
(New) Paid Membership Pro Free
Passster X
Password Protected X
Permalink Manager Lite X
PDF Emebdder
Popup Maker
Post Snippets X
Post Tags and Categories for Pages
Post/Page specific custom CSS x
ProfilePress X
QuadMenu X
QuadMenu – OceanWP X
SiteOrigin CSS !
Smart Slider 3 Pro
Sticky Menu (or Anything!) on Scroll
Toggle wpautop X
Tumblr Importer X
Ultimate Member X
User Submitted Posts X
Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery X
Wicked Folders

WP Crontrol X
WP Custom Admin Interface X
WP Data Access X

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ACF Autosize
Advanced Custom Fields PRO
Advanced Editor Tools

Advanced iFrame Pro
Advanced TinyMCE Configuration
Alligator Popup
Assistant (BeaverB)
Code Snippets
(NEW) Collapse-O-Matic
Customizer Export/Import
Duplicate Page
Elegant Tabs for Beaver Builder
FileBird Lite
Formidable Forms
Head, Footer and Post Injections
HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter
(•) Import and export users and customers
(•) Inline Spoilers
Insert HTML Snippet (Replaced by ICS) Delete?
Insert Pages
Media Library Enable Infinite Scrolling
(New) Paid Membership Pro Free
(I) Password Protected
(New) PDF Embedder
Podamibe Custom User Gravatar
Post Tags and Categories for Pages
(?) Post/Page specific custom CSS (check)
Remove Protected (Needed?)
(•) Responsive Tabs | Darko
(•) Restrict Content
(•) Restrict User Access
(•) Rich-Web Tabs

Shortcodes Ultimate

(•) Simple Accessible Spoilers
(•) Simple Custom CSS and JS
SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle
Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes
Tabby Responsive Tabs
(•) Table of Contents Plus


(•) Tabs by PickPlugins
(•) Tabs Responsive
(??) Tabs – Responsive Tabs with WooCommerce Product Tab Extension

Temporary Login Without Password

(•) Tiny Spoiler
(•) Ultimate Member
(•) User Submitted Posts
(•) Video Gallery – Vimeo and YouTube Gallery
Wicked Folders
Woody code snippets (PHP snippets | Insert PHP)
WP Activity Log
(?) WP Coder
WP Responsive Tabs horizontal vertical and accordion Tabs
(•) WP Tabs

WP Sitemap Page

WP User Frontend

WPForms Lite

WPSiteSync for Content

WPvivid Backup Plugin

XYZ WP Insert Code Snippet
(•) YellowPencil Pro

Yoast Duplicate Post

Yoast SEO 19USD

(NEW) WP Tab Widget TEST??


jQuery(document).ready(function () {
window.pum_vars.popups[ ‘pum–30905’ ] = {“triggers”:[{“type”:”click_open”,”settings”:{“extra_selectors”:”#popmake-“}}],”cookies”:[],”disable_on_mobile”:false,”disable_on_tablet”:false,”atc_promotion”:null,”explain”:null,”type_section”:null,”theme_id”:”13707″,”size”:”small”,”responsive_min_width”:”0%”,”responsive_max_width”:”100%”,”custom_width”:”1200″,”custom_height_auto”:false,”custom_height”:”600″,”scrollable_content”:false,”animation_type”:”fade”,”animation_speed”:”1000″,”animation_origin”:”top”,”open_sound”:”none”,”custom_sound”:””,”location”:”center top”,”position_top”:”100″,”position_bottom”:”0″,”position_left”:”0″,”position_right”:”0″,”position_from_trigger”:false,”position_fixed”:false,”overlay_disabled”:false,”stackable”:false,”disable_reposition”:false,”zindex”:”1999999999″,”close_button_delay”:”0″,”fi_promotion”:null,”close_on_form_submission”:false,”close_on_form_submission_delay”:”0″,”close_on_overlay_click”:false,”close_on_esc_press”:true,”close_on_f4_press”:false,”disable_form_reopen”:false,”disable_accessibility”:false,”disable_analytics”:true,”custom_width_unit”:”px”,”custom_height_unit”:”px”,”id”:”-30905″,”slug”:””};
window.pum_popups[ ‘pum–30905’ ] = {“triggers”:[{“type”:”click_open”,”settings”:{“extra_selectors”:”#popmake-“}}],”cookies”:[],”disable_on_mobile”:false,”disable_on_tablet”:false,”atc_promotion”:null,”explain”:null,”type_section”:null,”theme_id”:”13707″,”size”:”small”,”responsive_min_width”:”0%”,”responsive_max_width”:”100%”,”custom_width”:”1200″,”custom_height_auto”:false,”custom_height”:”600″,”scrollable_content”:false,”animation_type”:”fade”,”animation_speed”:”1000″,”animation_origin”:”top”,”open_sound”:”none”,”custom_sound”:””,”location”:”center top”,”position_top”:”100″,”position_bottom”:”0″,”position_left”:”0″,”position_right”:”0″,”position_from_trigger”:false,”position_fixed”:false,”overlay_disabled”:false,”stackable”:false,”disable_reposition”:false,”zindex”:”1999999999″,”close_button_delay”:”0″,”fi_promotion”:null,”close_on_form_submission”:false,”close_on_form_submission_delay”:”0″,”close_on_overlay_click”:false,”close_on_esc_press”:true,”close_on_f4_press”:false,”disable_form_reopen”:false,”disable_accessibility”:false,”disable_analytics”:true,”custom_width_unit”:”px”,”custom_height_unit”:”px”,”id”:”-30905″,”slug”:””};


Embedded table

[ table id=1 /]

Gsheet direct

[ embed][ /embed]

Gsheet Link

Admin, PLGs, Doc’s


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