// What is Topix? (metaphore of the math variable X)
Topix are the founding blocks of a new object, image, structural AI learning solution, that enables the comprison and recognition of complex structures such as images, to automatically identify organisational structures (eg. images) and match them with corresponding structures in a paired set of samples.

It enables fast and ultra precise AI learning without going through the pains of mass data machine learning that requires huge processing and massive amounts of samples.

The foundation of Topix is a radically new method of Topographical analysis of Elements in a wide variety of Multidimensional spaces.
At the heart Topix offers self learning, structural recognition of classes and species when comparing few select samples.

// What entities does Topix handle?
1D (eg. sounds), 2D (eg. images), 3D (eg. video=2D+time) .. without limits of nb of dimensions | CTscan

Imagine A metasphere, a cluster, bunch or group of "letters" (called bunch of grapes below) in multiple sizes and spatial configurations.
Topix looks at them and performs a topographical/topological assessment which it compares their topographical organisation to those of a finite number of other
(Grapes in bunches, clusters of grape bunches)


Compare two metaspheres containing bunches of grapes and assess the proximity depending on a tolerance to variations.
The size of the grapes and distances between grapes in one metasphere are essenetial to the structural pattern recognition and comparison with the second metasphere.

Grapes can be of varying sizes and "interpénétrant"

Grapes -> Bunches of Grapes -> multiple Bunches in a Metasphere. COmparison of the contents of 2 Metaspheres.